Social dialogue

Social dialogue is an important tool for ensuring human development policies. Without the BOD, it is impossible to reconcile the interests between the associations of workers and employers, between trade unions and associations of industrialists.

At present, the Israeli trade union monopoly Histadrut is obsolete, because it has become obsolete. operates within the paradigm of the 1930s. All the attention of the Histadrut bureaucrats is focused on large industries and state monopolies. They are not interested in socially disadvantaged workers. For example, it is difficult to create a metapleet union (for specific parties), just as other industry trade unions are created for political parties. The Histadrut is not concerned at all with new Israelis and the protection of their labor rights.

New repatriates find themselves in the market of cheap labor, without knowledge of the language, without trade union protection of their labor rights, and exposed to discrimination and exploitation.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Absorption is in no way interested in protecting the labor rights of the new Russian-speaking Israelis and does not fund programs to protect their labor rights.

An important problem is the practical absence of Russian-speaking consultants in the Histadrut, which also violates the linguistic rights of Russian-speakers.

For us, the tasks of social dialogue in the context of protecting the labor rights of the Russian-speaking minority are:

  • The creation of a network of legal consultations on the protection of labor rights for Russian-speaking Israelis;
  • the inclusion of Russian-speaking entrepreneurs and their associations in the process of social dialogue at the state level.

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