Problems of solidarity among Russian-speaking Israelis.

The International Analytical Center. , conducted two sociological surveys during December 2021. Surveys regarding solidarity among Russian-speaking citizens of Israel and among residents of the Odessa region. Both studies dealt with the problem of solidarity action.

In Israel, the study was called Cohesion and Solidarity of Repatriates from the Former Soviet Union.

The purpose of the survey was to analyze the factors and prevalence of solidarity practices among repatriates from CIS countries. The object of the research – Russian-speaking repatriates

(Interviewees (respondents) – aliya (repatriates) from the USSR and former Soviet countries.Hereafter – “Russians”, Russian-speaking repatriates, olim. Respondents aged 18 years and older, residing throughout Israel.

In the Odessa region, the survey concerned a solidarity response to the socio-economic consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic. The project for the Odessa region was prepared by the specialists of the Israeli organization “Dor Moriah”. In the development of the project, the concepts laid down in a number of normative documents were used. For example, in the strategy “Formation of a Regional Solidarity Society for 2011-2025 in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

The project was designed as part of the activities of the International Think Tank. The Center partnered with the Ukrainian analytical centerBureau of Social and Political Research. The project was funded by the Black Sea Trust Fund .

The main task of the project is to conduct sociological research in the Odessa region.

Institute for Social Policy

Experts at the Research Institute social policy Ministry of Social Policy and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine conducted a study in the Odesa district of the Odesa region. Respondent sampling was fully respected.

The Israeli study was a pilot study. We interviewed 420 respondents and were interested in the obvious trends in the solidarity and self-organization of Russian-speaking Israelis. We were interested in possible processes of social mobilization effective for a given social group.

See Interim Reporton Solidarity and Solidarity of Returnees from the Former Soviet Union