CityLinkUp Applique

“Welcome to CityLinkUp – your path to better living in your city!

CityLinkUp is your key platform for activists and residents to connect and collaborate. A collaboration of people who are committed to solving important problems in the city where you live. It is a place where everyone can contribute to the improvement of the urban environment.

Here you can identify city problems, share ideas for solving them, discuss issues important to our city, and join joint initiatives with other residents. CityLinkUp will help you stay informed and involved in the process of solving city issues.

Join CityLinkUp and become part of an active and energetic community ready to improve your life in the city!”

Application Functions:

  • Keep records of problem areas in the territory of settlements
  • propose and discuss ways of solving the problem, e.g. through a one-off action by volunteers, a public media campaign, informing the relevant municipal or state services and monitoring the response (mass mailings to one address, phone calls).
  • resourcing activities through user exchanges, fundraising, volunteer exchanges, etc.
  • public control over the solution of the problem through accountability for the funds used, reporting on the quality of implemented activities and projects;
  • проектный цикл позволяет организовать деятельность по определению приоритетных проблем и отбору наилучших способов их решения.
    Проектный цикл состоит из трех этапов:
    • Identification of priority issues;
    • competition of ideas and projects;
    • stages of fundraising and project implementation (crowdfunding, lobbying at the city and national level, etc.)
  • additional functions, such as contacts of district councils, partner NGOs and other informal associations involved in solving urban problems; rating of the best activists, etc.