A sociological survey of Russian-speaking Israelis has begun

The International Center for Human Development, a non-governmental organization in Israel, Dor Moriah, is conducting a study on the cohesion and solidarity of returnees from the former Soviet Union. Its scientific and technical support is provided by the Research Institute of Social Policy of the Ministry of Social Policy and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Please take part and answer the questionnaire.

How to complete the questionnaire: Please read the questions and answer options carefully. Check the box that matches your opinion or write your own in the space provided. You can choose more than one answer choice, but only in those cases that are separately agreed upon. The survey is anonymous, you do not need to enter your last name.

                                     Спасибо за участие!

Please note that in some questions we are asked to compare repatriates from the former Soviet Union with repatriates from other countries and sabras – citizens born in Israel.